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Masseuse Mika in Kenilworth

City : Cape Town
Section : Massage
Suburb : Kenilworth
Name : Masseuse Mika
Contact number

: 078 693 8953
(Please mention Kloud Nine)

Available : 9.30am - 5.30pm, Mon - Fri,
Sunday by appointment
Premises : Massage Studio
Parking : Street
Shower facilities :
Massage bed :
Heated room :
Website : www.bbwmassage.co.za
Email : [email protected]

Build : BBW
Height : 1.59m
Hair : Black
Eyes : Brown
Age : 26
Tattoos :
Weight : 71kg
Nationality : South African
Likes : Chocolate & jewelry
Dislikes : Bad hygiene
Travels :
Years experience : 4
Locate area : Google maps
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Photo shoot January 2021
Photos edited : 15%
Last online : 4 days ago

BBW Cape Town
BBW Cape Town
BBW Cape Town
BBW Cape Town
Im masseuse Mika, an independent massage therapist working from my private, safe & discreet home studio. My aim is to take you through a pleasurable relaxing journey with my UNIQUE style of massage using my relaxing sensual touch massage or a firm deep tissue massage or combination of both.
Im cute friendly & have a bubbly personality. I use an extra large massage bed to accommodate all sizes & perfect for body-2-body massages.
Cyclists welcome for a deep tissue massage before the cycle tour.

Available 9.30am - 5.30pm Mon - Fri, 9am - 4pm, Sunday strictly by appointment please.
For more details please visit my web site: www.bbwmassage.co.za
Please note this is a Massage only advert. No FH or oral offered.
Regret no private numbers will be answered.

Kindly note the following:
1. I will be taking on fewer clients so I can thoroughly clean between each person.
2.If you are ill, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, have a fever or generally unwell, please do not book a session.
3. I will be wearing mask and all clients will need to wear masks or I can't see them for a booking.
4. All surfaces will be sanitized after each person, so the room might have a sanitizer smell.
5. Upon entering, each client's temperature will be taken & hands sanitized.

Masseuse Mika's Services