Sensual Couples Massage | Cape Town

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Massage therapists for couples massage in Cape Town
TherapistSuburbFri openFri CloseContact
Talent Massage Durbanville 08:30 19:00 0603955498
Venus Rondebosch 09:00 21:00 0836782676
Karmen Cape Town By appointment By appointment 0788530341
Cookies Cream Wynberg 09:00 17:00 0789148364
Tee Southern suburbs 09:00 19:00 0681115276
Masseuse Mika Kenilworth 09:00 19:00 0786938953

A couples massage indulges two people at the same time by one or two therapists in one large room. It is a great way to introduce your partner to the therapeutic benefits of a massage if they have not experienced one before.