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Deep tissue massage in Cape Town
TherapistSuburbSat openSat CloseContact
Kelly Rondebosch East 09:00 20:30 0710445099
Skyler Somerset West By appointment By appointment 0780472455
Mia Kenilworth 08:00 22:00 0747303692
Talent Massage Durbanville 09:00 19:00 0603955498
Chandre Southern suburbs 09:00 19:00 0835034217
Karmen Cape Town Closed Closed 0788530341
Leigh Flamingo Vlei By appointment By appointment 0786181292
Summer Kenilworth 09:00 19:00 0825455255
Tee Southern suburbs 09:00 19:00 0681115276
Leela Somerset West Closed Closed 0636327656
Masseuse Mika Kenilworth Closed Closed 0786938953
Venus Rondebosch 09:00 21:00 0836782676

The deep tissue massage focus predominantly on the areas of the neck, lower back or shoulder areas where chronic tension may exist in the deeper muscle layers. Your massage therapist may use a mixture of techniques using their hands, elbows and forearms enabling penetration of the deeper muscle and connective tissue. It can also assist with injury recovery from repetitive strain injury, muscle spasms and whiplash. The massage works by breaking down tight and rigid muscle tissue.