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Please contact the ladies directly on the contact number provided below their photos.

Please contact the ladies directly on the contact number provided below their photos.

Every photo has been captured by our photographer. Sometimes ladies submit their own photos which must be verified and genuine.

Please let us know if you continually have an issue contacting a lady advertising on our web site.


Ladies advertise on our web site. We do not have a massage studio or physical location. Please send a message on Whatsapp / Telegram / call to advertise.

Please contact us to get the latest details.

You must be over the age of 18.
Work from a clean private & discreet venue / massage studio where clients will feel safe & comfortable to visit.

Clients contact you directly on your contact number listed on our web site to arrange appointments. Occasionally clients contact our office directly.

No additional cost.

You are able to update your profile / change your location / update your photos yourself. Your account details will be sent to you the day after the photo shoot.

Yes for as long as you require.

We have a limited number promos available if you meet our critera. Please get in touch

Photo shoots...

Photo shoots are captured at your home or work venue / massage studio. We also take photos at hotels, guest houses, venues & outdoor locations on request.

Photo shoots usually take between 30 - 45 mins depending on your venue / time constraints & requirements.

Photo shoots are scheduled Mon - Fri, from 10.30 - 18:00. After hours & Saturdays by arrangement.

Your photos must be recent, high quality jpg image. All photos must be verified by meeting our photographer.

Tattoos and distinguishing features can be removed from your photos.

Your face can be blurred out, cut off at the neck or lips.

Your profile / photos will go live on the day of your photo shoot.

Photo shoots are captured across Cape Town. Our photographer will travel further by appointment. However there will be an additional fee for travelling outside Cape Town.

We capture video clips & there is no additional fee.


In the event you have a negative experience with a lady advertising please let us know the circumstances so we can investigate further.

If you have a negative experience with a non genuine client / fraudster please let us know the details so we can notify ladies on our web site.

Clients are welcome to forward details of scammers / fraudsters operating in Cape Town anonymously on our feedback form.

In the pursuit of adult indulgences we recommend using a dedicated phone providing you with an additional level of privacy & anonymity when contacting adult web sites in South Africa.