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Chastity cage hacked
Chastity cage hacked & ransom demanded

Several Kinky users of the Cellmate chastity belt received alarming ransom messages from hackers after the app controlling the device had been compromised.

Bdsm users received payment demands in Bitcoin for release from the sex toy locking mechanism or face a potentially perilous removal process. No system override had been designed to gain access to a locked cage.

According to the manufacturer the security flaws have now been rectified & owners have full control of their restrictive device.

Sex Toys Boom
Adult toys sales increase during lock down

The global lock down created an arousing effect on the sex toy industry with sales increasing significantly in the first quarter of 2020. While some industries ground to a halt the supply & demand of particular self pleasuring devices grew by 50%.

During these uncertain times sales indicate couples & individuals are exploring intimate ways to stay occupied & fulfilled.

Alien themed adult club
Alien themed adult club

Curious about UFOs and aliens? visit the Sci-Fi themed Cathhouse in the Nevada desert. The X-rated venue gains influence from the famous Air Force base Area 51 located in the area.

Business is booming following social media hype promising an invasion of the classified Area 51 facility boosting inquiries at the adult venue.

With twenty Cosmic Kittens providing entertainment in alien themed rooms expect an out of this world experience. The club features a unique alien abduction room, perfect for curious minded individuals wishing to explore the probing equipment.

Venue & booking details

Naughty Retired Man
85 year old discovered with working girl in vehicle

A regular client of courtesans working in the seaside resort of Rimiini in Italy found himself being fined one thousand Euros after the police caught him red-handed in his vehicle.

The pensioner was a regular to the local working ladies for years and while the police were aware of his travels they just assumed he was too old to be paying for their services.

Fortunately the police decided not to prosecute the gentleman due to his age, despite the fact he was not embarrassed by his behavior.

Sexbots or human clones?
Sexbots or human clones?

Technology advances by a Chinese company have enabled the creation of a sex doll which is claimed to be 100% identical to humans. Available in a choice of 10 different body types in combination with 28 faces you could possibly create your perfect loyal mistress.

A highly accurate 3D scanner is used to capture a desirable body, which in turn is replicated in silicon using a 3D printer. Production efficiency enables the company to launch sexbots on a global scale with production output at around 400 units a month.

A premium model will set you back anywhere between R65,815 – R71,016 and available at www.

Order yours for Christmas?

Worlds largest orgy?
Worlds largest orgy?

Las Vegas will host the worlds largest orgy hoping to attract in excess of 500 open minded couples on the 2nd of June 2018. The aim is exceed the existing record of 250 couples set in Japan during 2007.

The masquerade themed event will supply complementary condoms, hygiene products & sexy attire for all participants who must attend with a partner or group. Couples are not obliged to indulge with other registered participants unless mutual consent is given.

The five day event will also feature sex toy demos, introductory workshops on bondage and a kinky bunny themed pool party.

See you at the bar?

Used underwear
Denmark's desired used panties

Naughty entrepreneurial spirit has ignited an online web portal where you can discreetly purchase lightly used underwear garments supplied by open minded ladies aged 18 – 30.

Select your purchase by usage which incudes an innocent gym work out, or something slightly more invigorating as masturbating or even as exciting as genuine sexual activities.

Cheerleader porn
Female demand for porn increases in 2017

According to xHamster one of the largest porn sites in the world, the women of South Africa are leading the way with a substantial increase of female viewers growing by 23 percent in 2017. Other countries also experienced an increase in female viewers from Mexico, India, Saudi Arabia and the United States.

An online survey in April 2017 claimed 60 percent of female viewers watch porn a few times a month while 18 percentage enjoyed viewing porn on a daily basis. A firm favorite search term continues to be cheerleader porn.

Smart Vibrator Sex Toy
Connected elite

Porn Hub one of the largest adult content servers in the world discovered several thousand visitors from North Korea have been accessing content which is officially banned in their country.

Interestingly only the elite have privileged access to the World Wide Web, whereas the rest of the population access the Wangmyong, the DPRK intranet system on their devices which does not connect to the internet.

At this precarious time of heated verbal exchanges between countries it is reassuring the men in the North Korean elite are not just focused on the revolutionary struggle but also fantasizing about Japanese women.

Sex toys blog image
Lost sex toys on the London tube

Would you claim a lost sex toy misplaced on your travels?

Transport for London revealed a total of 35 sex toys had been left behind on their transport system of trains, buses & tubes in 2016. Even more intriguing was the fact many of the lost items were claimed back by their owners!

Despite the embarrassing loss almost 50 percent of the rightful owners contacted Transport for London in an effort to have their beloved sex toy returned to their possession.

Apparently TFL returned Viagra to four passengers over the 12 month period from over 329,205 miscellaneous items handed into lost property.

Dogging Sex image
Kinky couples dogging

A national Park in Wales spent over R850,000 to prevent late night dogging at the scenic beauty spot in the Brecon Beacons.

According to concerned locals the problem arises during the evening once couples arrive in their vehicles at parking area and proceed to flash their lights. This it turn attracts the attention of voyeurs as an invitation to watch the kinky couple indulge in sex.

A few genuine users of the car park feel the prevention measures are not only unsightly but the large financial outlay is a bit excessive considering the anti social behavior will probably just move to another location.

Smart Vibrator Sex Toy
Smart sex toy caught spying

The innovative We-Vibe smart vibrator tracked the intimate use of their sex toy without the consumers knowledge and were subsequently fined approximately $3 million dollars in a class-action lawsuit in Illinois.

The company has since updated its privacy policy to enable customers to decide exactly which information they divulge to the company on their sexual encounters with the smart vibrator.

Fortunately the money will go to compensate those who purchased the smart toy vibrator for the privacy infringement.