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Swedish massage therapists Cape Town
TherapistSuburbSat openSat CloseContact
Karmen Cape Town Closed Closed 0788530341
Talent Massage Durbanville 09:00 19:00 0603955498
Tee Southern suburbs 09:00 19:00 0681115276
Kinky Parow 10:00 22:00 0602585375
Summer Kenilworth 09:00 19:00 0825455255
Cookies Cream Wynberg 09:00 17:00 0789148364
Skyler Somerset West By appointment By appointment 0780472455
Leela Somerset West Closed Closed 0636327656
Kelly Rondebosch East 09:00 20:30 0710445099
Pearl Boston 09:00 18:00 0737885157
Venus Rondebosch 09:00 21:00 0836782676
Taylor Southern Suburbs By appointment By appointment 0665118738
Stacey Southern suburbs 08:00 20:00 0817890895
Leigh Flamingo Vlei By appointment By appointment 0786181292
Chandre Southern suburbs 09:00 19:00 0835034217
Masseuse Mika Kenilworth Closed Closed 0786938953

A Swedish massage is both relaxing and invigorating using a variety of techniques which rub in the same direction as blood returning to the heart assisting in the removal of metabolic waste from the body. The massage commences with you laying face down while the massage therapist first works on your back area, then moves down onto the back of your legs. Once completed you will be asked to lay on your back & the masseuse will proceed to complete the front of your legs before attending to your arm