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Mistress Mia Cat in Observatory

City : Cape Town
Section : Specialist
Suburb : Observatory
Name : Mistress Mia Cat
Contact number

: 063 531 0423
(Please mention Kloud Nine)

Available : 10am - 9pm, Mon - Fri
10am - 5pm, Sat
Premises : Private venue
Parking : Street
Website : www.mistressmiacat.co.za
Email : [email protected]

Build : Sexy
Height : 1.72m
Hair : Blonde
Eyes : Green/ Blue
Age : 35
Tattoos :
Weight : 70kg
Nationality : South African
Likes : Submissive slaves on their knees
Dislikes : Bad manners / idiots
Travels : To select hotels
Locate area : Google maps
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Photo shoot September 2021
Photos edited : 5%
Last online : 3 days ago

Cape Town Mistress
Cape Town Mistress
Cape Town Mistress
Cape Town Mistress
I am the original and only genuine Dom Mistress in SA.... I have over 20 years of experience in BDSM... both professional and living the lifestyle .... I was trained in 1997 by Mistress Diane.... one of the original 3 dominatrix in SA ever..... I am very experienced in both light and extreme play.... I am the most hardcore Dom in SA.... I have equipment from all over the world as I have travelled extensively....so if you are over seeing people who have no clue....Call me! Come submit to the ultimate BDSM bitch....if you dare....

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