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The independent massage providers are available by appointment on the direct number provided and work from private apartments or professional massage studios in Cape Town.

 Aromatherapy  uses natural plant oils to promote healing and enhance psychological & physical well being. The essential oils can inhaled or applied to directly to the skin. A mixture of oils will create an accumulative benefit when mixed correctly. Aromatherapy has been known to assist with stress relief, able to boost memory, speed up healing, reduce the frequency of headaches, and boost both the immune and digestive systems of the body.

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 Every  body-2-body  massage may vary according to your massage therapists personnel techniques. Usually she uses a combination of hands and curves of her naked oil covered body to massage you and achieve total relaxation. The massage will increase the blood flow & circulation to the body which is also known to resolving physical dysfunction issues.

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 The  deep tissue  massage focus predominantly on the areas of the neck, lower back or shoulder areas where chronic tension may exist in the deeper muscle layers. Your massage therapist may use a mixture of techniques using their hands, elbows and forearms enabling penetration of the deeper muscle and connective tissue. It can also assist with injury recovery from repetitive strain injury, muscle spasms and whiplash. The massage works by breaking down tight and rigid muscle tissue which are often painful restricting movement & creating inflammation.

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 An  erotic  massage aims at integrating the sexual, spiritual & physical and achieving sexual arousal & orgasm. Erotic massage can also stimulate the libido and positively improve extended play.

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 The  four handed  massage creates a balance in harmony between the brain and nervous system when the massages therapists work in tandem as the additional pair of hands provides you with a sensory overload. Receiving twice as much attention during the session may increase the fee for the massage but provide more than double the fun.

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 A  hot stone  massage relaxes the muscles through the transfer of heat from the smooth warm stones which relaxes tense muscles and enables the therapist to work without exerting too much pressure. The stones are placed along the spine which can reduce inflammation, back pain, stress and anxiety. Stones can also be placed between your toes and into the palm of your hand where the temperature has a calming effect on your nervous system.

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 The  Indian head  massage takes place in a comfortable upright position with the therapist standing providing unobstructed access to the face, shoulders and neck areas. The head massage excels in relieving headaches, stimulating nerves and removing emotional stress. Depending on your therapist oil is sometimes used on exposed skin areas. Massage duration is usually 30 minutes or less.

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 A  mutual massage  enables both the masseuse and client to sensually massage each others bodies in lingerie or naked depending on your therapists boundaries. Giving a massage can be as rewarding as receiving one.

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 A  prostrate  massage is supplementary to a sensual or erotic massage with your therapist stimulating the gland internally which has be known to release both physical and emotional tensions. This can also assist with impotence issues and blood flow to the pelvic area.

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 Reflexology  is the gentle manipulation of the life energy using specific areas of the hands & feet. The highly sensitive areas correspond to specific organs and zones of the body. The treatment is used to relieve pain or heal a disease.

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 A  sensual  massage guarantees to boost blood flow with a touch based massage which is intimate and relaxing for stress relief. The massage covers the entire body using a massage oil or cream. Depending on your comfort level you can be partially clothed or in your birthday suit. Your masseuse may wear appropriate massage outfit or sexy lingerie & probably a good idea to establish before confirming an appointment.

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 Shiatsu  aims to be preventative and healing correcting the natural imbalances in our bodies. The treatment will include deep breathing and the stretching of your joints. A combination of techniques using thumbs, fingers, palms and feet will be used. Shiatsu aims to correct internal malfunctions and maintain health. Estimated session duration: 45 – 60 minutes.

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 A  Swedish  massage is both relaxing and invigorating using a variety of techniques which rub in the same direction as blood returning to the heart assisting in the removal of metabolic waste from the body. The massage commences with you laying face down while the massage therapist first works on your back area, then moves down onto the back of your legs. Once completed you will be asked to lay on your back & the masseuse will proceed to complete the front of your legs before attending to your arms & finishing with your neck & shoulders.

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 Sports  massage can assist anyone from a semi active sports participant to a professional athlete. The massage can be beneficial to those experiencing muscle tension after a sporting performance and overexertion by assisting muscle recovery. The stimulation and circulation of blood and lymph fluids, reduces swelling providing flexibility and increase the rate of recovery.

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 Tantric  massage is purely for receiving pleasure and the rediscovery of suppressed feeling and emotions. The relaxation technique of possibly the mouth, and genital;s can assist with sexual and emotional blockages and low self esteem.

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 Traditional Thai  massage is given with the recipient wearing loose comfortable clothing attire where the body is compressed, stretched pulled in a positions similar to to those experienced in a yoga class rather than direct contact massaging the muscles. The techniques are completed on a firm mattress or floor environment.

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Please note, if you are unable to keep an appointment with your massage therapist or running late please let them know so that they can amend their bookings as required.

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